Bells Etude

Date : 20 February, 2008

February the 20th, 2008 at 5.00 p.m. in the Aula Leopoldina of Wroclaw University, the festival “Musica Polonica Nova”, takes place the performance of Bells Etude (Seven miniatures for piano /2006/)
Interpreter: Gabriela Szendzielorz – Jungiewicz, piano 

Seven miniatures for piano

Date : 23 November, 2007

On 23rd November 2007, in the Music Institute of University in Rzeszow (Poland), the piano recital of Gabriela Szendzielorz – Jungiewicz will included the performance of Seven miniatures for piano /2006/ 

Epitaph – Metamorphoses for chamber orchestra

Date : 17 November, 2007

In the course of the “Festival of New Music” in Concert Studio of Polish Radio in Katowice (Poland)
November the 17th, 2007 at 6.00 p.m
takes place the performance of Epitaph – Metamorphoses for chamber orchestra /1991/ 
Interpreter: New Music Orchestra
Conductor: Szymon Bywalec

Seven miniatures for piano

Date : 21 April, 2007

On 21st April 2007, in the concert studio of the Polish Broadcast in Katowice (Poland), the festival “Newest Polish Music”, organized by the National Symphony Orchestra of Polish Broadcast, will included the premiere of: 

Seven miniatures for piano /2006/ (dedicated to Gabriela Szendzielorz – Jungiewicz) 

Interpreter: Gabriela Szendzielorz – Jungiewicz.